Marketing Innovations

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We are MaaMa.

We create marketing innovations.

We like to soar.

Travel Marketing

A unique approach and the development of an innovative methodology in tourism… Working with major players of the industry, we market destinations and services with a special emphasis on the interest of the stakeholders. Focused on the big picture, MaaMa shapes communication and marketing efforts according to current global agenda and specific needs of great tourism brands.We know the dynamics of the business, the motivations of the travelers and the values that make the experience unforgettable. This is “Destination-Focused Marketing!”


MaaMa takes pride in empowering the individual and refining the energy within the community. Creativity, responsibility and duty nurtures our professional friendship.

When the agents are organically aligned with the principal’s priorities and objectives, the road traveled means much more than the destination reached… We salute the process of the experience!